Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal, a Vineyard in Lujan de Cuyo

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Bodega Melipal is located only 20 minutes from the city center of Mendoza. If you have a car it is pretty simple to get there. You only need to follow the road 40 to the south and turn right on road 7 after Lujan de Cujo, Bodega Melipal will be a few minutes after on your left.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Bodega Melipal is elegant winery situated in the area of Agrelo in Luján de Cuyo. The Vineyard is set in a stunning environment facing Los Andes.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

When you arrive you are astonished by the incredible scenery! Beautiful gardens with olive trees, vineyards everywhere, pools where the Andes reflects on the water. The Vineyard building architecture simply completes the impressive picture.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |


They also have a restaurant with elegant settings and a stunning view of the vineyard.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

We were greeted by Juan who informed us he was going to be our host for the Bodega Tour & Wine tasting.

You can quickly tell he is passionate, he explained to us everything we needed to know about the winery history and then about the wine process.

They produce Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

The harvest is all done manually (Yes. Manually).

The grapes are collected and placed directly into boxes where a first selection is made.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Then they are taken to the winery where the second selection happens.

Bodega Melipal being a boutique-style winery, has the advantage to carry quickly the grape from the vineyard into the winery.

After the first set of explanation, Juan took us downstairs to show us the next step in the production and where the wine was being kept.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

He explained the difference between their wines, the difference between French & American Oak Barrel and their effect and taste on the wine.

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

And it was time to taste what we have learned, so we moved into the Private Wine Cellar for our Wine Tasting!

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Juan made us taste 4 wines

  • A White Wine – the Torrontes
  • 2 Malbec
  • And their Diamond, the Nazarenas Vineyard planted in 1923

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

During the tasting, he explained to us what food to pair with which the wine. For example, the Torrontes is fabulous with Spicy Food, Ceviche, and Seafood! It is so great to have some knowledge takeaway to bring home!

We had an amazing experience, and couldn’t ask for more for our first Wine Tour & Tasting in Mendoza. Juan was a great host, a true wine enthusiast! He really took the time to educate us about Argentinian wine and to make us discover the stunning Bodega Melipal.

If you want more information head over to their website here!

To remind us of the fabulous experience we took a few bottles home of course! 🙂

Have you ever done a Wine Tour & Wine Tasting?

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                  Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal |

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32 thoughts on “Argentina Travel Guide – Bodega Melipal, a Vineyard in Lujan de Cuyo

  1. It looks picture book perfect Bea. All those vineyards just waiting quietly to start producing grapes again. I must admit I’m not a big wine drinker, but I have heard a lot of good things from friends about Argentinian wines, especially the reds

  2. Wow, I’d really love to visit this place. I love anywhere where there’s wine! I’ve been to Cape Town in South Africa for wine tasting; it was marvelous! Great post!

  3. Comment Oh I enjoyed reading about the whole process. I did not know that they still harvest by hand. That is amazing, one tend to think everything is computerised these days. And how awesome that Juan explained to you what food to pair with which wine.

    1. Yes Jeannine, at Bodega Melipal they do harvest by hand! I was happily surprised too and even the process from the harvest to the tank is impressive!

  4. Great post. I’ve never tasted wine until this past weekend actually. I wish I would have known about paring. I have no knowledge of wine whatsoever. Did you have a say in the wine you would taste, or was it pre selected for you? Next time I get wine I will ask for so assistants finding a torrentes type as spicy food is often on my plate.

    1. Thank you Cia! It was preselected but what a selection we had! They were all so different – I was mesmerized by the color of the 2 Malbec, the first one the red was so deep! And the second one was more purple 🙂 I have never check this before, but I will never forget those colors! Oh yes try to find the Torrontes, it is quite famous I am sure you will find it!

  5. Oh how I love wine tasting and discovering new wineries! I also love when there is an entire culture around the winery itself, such as this one. Living in Sonoma County, I have come to appreciate a great wine. It looks like you had a lovely time!


    1. Aww lucky you being in Sonoma County you are surrounded by Vineyard! Yes it was a great experience we loved it! Let me know if you ever go to Argentina 🙂

  6. Gorgeous images! I had no idea that the type of barrel would effect the taste of the wine! That completely makes sense though! Thank you for your very informative post!!

    1. Yes Kori it does!! I was super surprise too 🙂 I didn’t give all the secret details though, there is more to know like what taste? You will need to go to Argentina to find out 🙂

  7. OMG I would love to do a wine tasting in Bodega and you did a great job with this review. I have been to several wine tastings, its like my thing now when I travel to try to find a winery in the area.

  8. I did a wine tasting tour (we want to 3 wineries) on Long Island for my friend’s 40th birthday & it was so much fun! This place is so nice! Sounds love is Juan was wonderful & did an excellent job.

    1. Oh Wow 3 wineries! It sounds fun too ^^ Yes Juan was great! If you ever go to Argentina – check out Bodega Melipal you will love it!

  9. This place is really beautiful! I can just imagine a wedding taking place there. I’m not a wine person but I always enjoy wine tasting to see which wine I like the LEAST! I always have fun doing that!
    I’ve never been to Argentina but would love to visit someday. Glad you had a great time!

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  10. Wow, that straight lines of harvest vine yard is a haven for OCDs! haha, my boyfriend will love to see your photos~ The wine making totally reminds me of Kingsman – The Golden Circle right now~

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