Argentina Travel Guide – 3 days in Mendoza, the Wine Region

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

Mendoza is the most important wine region in Argentina – now you know why it was on our list 😊

The first thing I will recommend you to do in Mendoza is to rent a car. We rented via Budget Argentina at the Airport (pick up and drop off there) and it was perfect, one of the cheapest Rental Agencies, new & clean car.

What to do:

  • Visit Wineries is clearly the first thing that will come to mind when you go to Argentina. There are 3 locations in Mendoza where you can do so, 2 of them: Maipu & Lujan de Cujo are about 30minutes drive from Mendoza. The third one about 1.5 hours. I read before our trip about people going to 3 to 4 wineries in a day. I think it all depends on the experience you are looking for. We visited one on our first day at 3 pm; on the second day one winery also. Why? Because we it opens at 11 am and we decided to complement the tour with the gourmet lunch. When you finish with lunch it’s about 4 pm so quite late to start another tour. These are the 2 wineries we visited:

Both were great and the tour in each was completely different! We learn so much and taking the time in each winery made it even better.

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  • Walk around Mendoza: Paseo Sarmiento, Plaza Independancia Mendoza, Basilica San Francisco..
  • Take a road trip to the Andes and go to the Aconcagua National Park. This is the most beautiful and scenic road we have taken in Argentina. The view is stunning! On the way stop at Puente del Inca, and drive all the way to the National Park. The entrance to the first viewpoint is 20 ARS, and during winter it is our far you can go. The scene is still very beautiful, and we had a little bit of snow + ice on the way so it made sense we could not go further. It is also very windy there so make sure you are well equipped!

Note: when driving, don’t forget your lights, and note that there is a couple of police check point on the way. We were only asked where we were going, nothing else, but just so you know!

Where to eat:

Where to Stay:

We stayed at the NH Cordillera, which was very central. We walked around Mendoza really easily, they also have a parking (paid). The rooms are elegant and very comfortable, the staff there is really nice and the buffet breakfast fab!

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Mendoza Region Photography Roundup

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

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3 days in Mendoza, Argentina |

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  1. Josselyn Radillo says: Reply

    I def need to go there and I’m sure my bf would love that view to work with his goPro !!
    Argentina es hermoso!

  2. Woww!!! Very well executed!! Yeah thanks for guiding.. Sure whenever I ‘ll visit Mendoza take a car on rent😉

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