Argentina Travel Guide – 2 days in Salta La Linda

And after an amazing time in Mendoza, it was time to continue our trip to the North.

We took the plane from Mendoza to Salta – the direct flight on Monday with Aerolineas Argentina.


Same as for Mendoza we rented a car at Salta Airport with Budget, someone was waiting for us as we exited the airport and we were out in 15min! The Airport is in the south of Salta and you can reach it in about 20 minutes.

I highly recommend – if you don’t take GPS with the car – to download offline maps on Google Maps on your phone! This is what we did in Argentina, Localization ON / 3G off / Offline Google Maps activated! And this work fabulous!

Salta is a gorgeous town, as soon as you enter the center of the city you realize quickly why it is called Salta La Linda = Salta the Beautiful.

What to do:

  • Visit Salta City Center by foot there are lots of beautiful buildings, churches, museums.
  • Take Empanadas Cooking Class at House of JasmineCheck out our experience here
  • Do a road trip to the North Loop to Salinas Grandes:
    • So if you weren’t convinced on renting a car yet, now you should. Because you do not want to miss the surrounding of Salta. We left around 8am/9am in the morning
    • The drive to Salinas Grandes gets beautiful once you pass Jujuy before that it’s pretty much just a highway.
    • Once you arrive at the intersection where on your left you go to Pumamarca I will highly recommend you drive a little further to Tilcara (and fill up your Gas tank on the way ^^) because that road is very pretty!
    • Drive then straight to Salinas Grandes from Tilcara. There you have plenty of parking area choices where you can stop. In each, locals are waiting for you to offer to take you to the Salt pool. Or else, you can just walk to the Lake and take as many pictures as you want!
    • We had the yummiest lunch after our time in Salinas Grandes! Do not miss it and stop at the small (and only) restaurant called La Pekana on your way back (It will be on your left). There try his empanadas, tamales & humitas. Believe me, between the amazing view & the taste of the food you will not regret stopping here 😊
    • Then stop at Abra de Lipan Viewpoint
    • And finally, stop at Pumamarca. It is a very lovely – yet super touristic – town. Super crowded in the morning with Touristic buses, if you go in the afternoon around 3 pm, the town is way quieter.


Note: when driving, don’t forget your lights, and note that there is a couple of police checkpoint on the way. We were only asked where we were going, nothing else, but just so you know!

Note 2: Fill up your tank before leaving Salta! If you forgot, there is another petrol station right after the tiny town of Cobos and before entering General Güemes; then of course in Jujuy. There is NO petrol Station in Pumamarca! If you need to fill up your tank you have to go to Tilcara. It’s quite a long way from Pumamarca to Salinas Grandes & back and there is no Petrol Station in between so make sure you have plenty of gas.

Where to eat:

Salta Region Photography Roundup

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2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

2 days in Salta, Argentina |

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2 days in Salta, Argentina |


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17 thoughts on “Argentina Travel Guide – 2 days in Salta La Linda

  1. I’ve never really thought about going to Argentina. I’m not quite sure why though Bea. After looking at all your gorgeous fotos, it seems I’ve been a bit remiss. That rugged terrain is beautiful in it’s starkness and the architecture looks fascinating. I’ve always had a soft spot for beautifully designed old buildings.

  2. Salta looks so pretty! I have been to Argentina a at the beginning of this year and loved it so much but I didn’t reach Salta. I want to go back for longer and spend more time there. I really fell in love with Mendoza.

  3. I never been to Argentina, but this place on the first picture looks like it’s not even on Earth but some other planet. Completely unique nature! I would love to visit.

  4. Great follow up, still increasing my want to go to Argentina! Your photo’s look beautiful and also really great advice about the GPS or offline maps – probably something I would forget to think about!

  5. Ok, this sounds really silly… but it’s not really “beautiful” to me, because the cracks reminds me of all the action films where people fall through those cracks… gonna google more about Salta to learn before I spout more silly stuff!

  6. Salta (and the surrounding area) sounds wonderful! All of your tips (especially about where to fill up the car) are so helpful. I know I always say this, but I love your pictures!

  7. Those buildings are stunning! Especially the pink one. I have never been to Argentina. I would love an update on the restaurants you went to!

  8. I do not think that there is a place on this Planet that I would not like to visit. I enjoy reading posts like this one because they indeed broadens my horizon and I learn about places like Salta.

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